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Group Guest Card

Please help us better serve your rental needs by completing a Guest Card.  Guest Cards can be dropped off at our office or emailed to

A fully completed Guest Card is required in order to schedule an apartment showing.  Please be advised that during our busy season, we receive many Guest Cards so there may be a delay between the time you submit a Guest Card and your scheduled showing.

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Once you have submitted Guest Card information, the leasing agent you will be working with will contact you to schedule apartment/house tours. Tours are scheduled on a first-come, first serve basis. During the peak leasing season (January through March), there may be a delay between the time you submit your Guest Card and your scheduled tour as there are many groups looking for housing.

If you have any additional questions about off campus housing, contact TempleTown Realty at 215-232-3707 or

TempleTown Realty is a leading provider of off campus student housing in the Temple University area.  TempleTown Realty is a private housing provider.  We have no direct affiliation with Temple University.