Move-In and Out Checklist

Move-In and Out Checklist

Move In ChecklistMove Out Checklist
In order to release keys, we must have from ALL roommates:

1.  Signed lease (everyone must sign the same lease in the office)

2.  Signed Co-signer Agreement (must be signed in the office or turned in notarized)

3.  2 months rent (1st month and last month)

Checks or money orders should be made out to TempleTown Realty.  If you are using Resident Portal to pay your move-in monies, they must be paid at least 1 week in advance to ensure the payment is processed in time.  Please note that there are additional fees to pay with a credit/debit card or e-check via Resident Portal.

4.  Utility Transfer Verification form (one per household)

5.  Driver’s license or State ID (to be copied at the lease signing)


All of these items must be submitted for all lease holders on or before your lease start date in order for us to release any keys, there are no exceptions.   We have many leases starting at the same time therefore all lease signing must be scheduled, please call the office and schedule a time to complete and submit all of the above items.  Keys will not be released before 12pm on your lease start date however, completing the lease signing process early will allow for a smoother move-in.

If you have any questions concerning your move-in or would like to make a lease signing appointment, please call the office at 215 232-3707 or e-mail us at

All leases end at 11am. Please refer to your lease or contact our office for your lease end date.


1.  Remove all furniture and personal belongings from the property.

Tip:  If you have furniture that you want to get rid of, consider selling it on Craigslist or donating it to Uhuru Furniture.

2.  Remove all trash from the property.  Trash Day is on MONDAY.  Trash cannot be put out any earlier than 7pm on Sunday.

Tip:  Check out the Philadelphia Streets Department website for more info on recyclables and trash limits.

3.  Provide TempleTown a copy of your most recent PGW bill showing no large outstanding balances.

If you are not responsible for the PGW bill at the property, then you do not need to complete this step.

4.  Forward mail with the US Postal Service online.

TempleTown Realty cannot give you access to the mailbox after your lease end date so make sure you forward your mail and notify your employer, bank, etc. of your address change.

5.  Provide TempleTown Realty with your forwarding address for Security Deposit Return.

You can email us your forwarding address at  If you do not provide us with a fowarding address, we will use your co-signer’s address as your forwarding address.

6.  Return ALL keys to the office by 11am on your lease end date (either May 31st or July 31st).

Tip:  All keys to the apartment/house must be turned in TOGETHER.  We will NOT accept partial key returns.  By turning in one set of keys, you are giving up all rights to the property and are returning the property to TempleTown Realty.  Please make sure that all roommates are moved out and that you have all sets of keys before turning them in.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my Security Deposit back?

Security Deposits are returned within 30 days of your lease end date.  Security Deposits are mailed to your forwarding address.  If you do not provide us with a forwarding address, your Security Deposit is mailed to your co-signer’s address.

What will be deducted from my Security Deposit?

Your apartment/house will be inspected after your lease end date to determine if any charges need to be made for cleaning, damages/repairs, etc.  We will also check your account for any unpaid rent, late fees, utilities, or lease violations.  For your reference, below is a list of most common charges for Security Deposit return:

– Unpaid rent, late fees, utilities, or lease violations

– Holdover rent (not moving out on time)

– Excessive cleaning (usually bathrooms and appliances)

– Patching and painting (holes in walls)

– Missing smoke detectors

– Removal of debris from the apartment or the curb (personal belongings, trash, furniture, etc.)

– Floor damage (excessive carpet cleaning)

– Painting (for excessive wall damage beyond wear and tear, or for painting the room a different color)

– Missing keys

Security Deposit charges are assessed for your house or apartment as a whole.  All damage charges are divided equally among all tenants in a unit.  We cannot determine who is responsible for which damage, nor are we able to arbitrate between roommates.  If your roommate caused damages that you feel that you shouldn’t pay for, you must collect from your roommate, not TempleTown Realty.